Underfloor Heating

UK Wiring Ltd offers a full underfloor heating installation service.

Underfloor heating systems are becoming more popular than ever, they are considerably more efficient than they used to be. In fact, a suitably sized system can distribute heat more evenly than a radiator, which could reduce your heating bill.

There are now many types of underfloor heating systems available, meaning you can install almost anywhere.

We install all types of underfloor heating; electric wire/ electric mat and fully piped wet systems.

We use quality, guaranteed parts and insist on preparing the floor with the right materials for the particular installation. We work alongside reliable, professional plumbers and screeders.

No matter what type of system and no matter how many zones you require UK Wiring Ltd can offer a competitive, high quality installation.

Here are some of the services in this section we provide.

Electric underfloor heating mats with digital thermostat.
Electric underfloor heating wire system with digital thermostat.
Standard water underfloor heating system.
High output water underfloor heating system.
Multi room/ zone water underfloor heating system.
Wireless thermostats.

Whatever your requirements, contact us for a free no obligation project assessment and competitive quotation.

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