The average person breathes in 12,000 litres a day. Good ventilation in the home ensures that the air that you breathe contains lots of vital oxygen. This is particularly important in kitchens and bathrooms, where cooking odours, smoke or condensation are likely to be present.

To comply with building regulations, mechanical ventilation must be installed in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. These fans must be tested and commissioned. The air flow rate should be measured and the manufacturers data recorded.

UK Wiring LTD has all the necessary knowledge and equipment to design, install, test and commission your extractors.

We will do all core drilling, routing of ducting, fixing external grills, as well as the wiring and installation of the extractor and isolator.

We can offer several different options of fans including in line fans, fans with built in or remote humidity stats, all with or without timers. We also can install cooker hoods in kitchens.

Should you need extraction routing through your roof, we can arrange for a professional roofer to install your tile vent and we will connect our ducting to it.

Some of the services in this section we can provide:

Core drilling
Ducting work
Wall mounted extractor fan
Ceiling mounted extractor fan
In-line extractor fans
Humidity stats
Cooker hoods

Whatever your requirements, contact us for a free no obligation project assessment and competitive quotation.

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